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Our Story

Built on the foundations of community thriving, sharing of ideas, challenging traditional structures, and imbibing passion. ​

Our mission is to connect and empower through craft.

XhAle Brew Co. launched in 2020 as Alberta’s first all female and queer founded  and operated craft brewing company.

Our mission is to subvert private corporate norms with an approach that is radically compassionate, deliberately equitable, and built around supporting and nurturing the communities of which we’re all a part.

Our medium is brewing award-winning beer, because what better way to have these conversations than with a beer in hand? 

Behind Our Name

XhAle represents a standing & representation in a community that isn’t afraid to speak up. X creates our mark for where we stand and what we stand for. 

That sometimes also means stepping over the proverbial line.


XhAle itself signifies our company role to help others breath a little easier through community initiatives & awareness. 


Founded and majority-owned by a queer immigrant woman, and run by a majority all-women-and-queer team, XhAle Brew Co. is the first company of its kind in the craft beer landscape - not just in Alberta, but in Canada.

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