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Alberta Beverage Awards  - Culinaire Magazine
2023 Alberta Beverage Awards in 5

See Ya Next Tuesday Aussie C-olsch 

Tripawd Penelope NEIPA

You Can Buy This Beer Unless You Are Anish Kapoor Blackcurrant Dark Saison

Queen Bee Honey Blond

Aunty Rene’s Christmas Pudding Porter

2022 Judges Selection - See Ya Next Tuesday Aussie C-olsch

2021 Judges Selection - They Weren't Raging Against White Good - Dry Hopped Saison

2022 Made in Alberta Awards:

Avenue Magazine Article Award Announcement

This podcast features XhAle Brew Co’s Christina Owczarek sharing her plans to expand this contract brewing brand into a destination brewery that gives people the space to breathe easy.

"Christina and I discussed not only her passion for the craft beer industry but also drug decriminalization, mental health services, harm reduction, and white privilege. We fit a lot into an hour and spoke about the things you “aren’t supposed to talk about."

"While you will find a few examples of women, people of colour, and a diversity of other people making waves in the always-growing local craft beer industry, the general stereotype of the ball cap-wearing, bearded and tattooed, white male brewmaster still reigns in the small brewery world."

XhAle Brewing's Christina Owczarek doesn't mind the C-word. She's reclaiming its power in a brilliant and cheeky way with her beer, "See Ya Next Tuesday," punctuated with the mantra to "Just be fucking kind." We also dive into the politics of contract brewing, naloxone kit training, and spicy calendar shoots, on this episode of the Rebellion Brewing podcast.

"Christina Owczarek is the owner and CEO of XHale Brew Co., a brewery based out of Calgary, Alberta. With several specialty beers on the market (, Christina is gaining notice within a very cis male industry. In this conversation, we discuss how an Australian lass like herself found a home here in Canada, why it's important to take back a certain word describing genitalia, naloxone training, coming out as bisexual and so much more. Plus somehow, I may have agreed to do something that is way, way, way outside my comfort zone."

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