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Resources & Amplified Voices

We partner with so many great value-driven folks that should be highlighted. If you come away with anything, know that these are the people deep in it, doing the work and making the changes we need. 

Follow them online, share their story, book their services, sign up for their newsletters and support them.



VOTO is led by two female entrepreneurs, Ange and Kajal. Both women have a deep rooted passion to bring insightful marketing and powerful micro-donations together. When these two devoted leaders come together, they offer over 10 years of experience in visual design, product management and partnership development. As Ange and Kajal continue to grow as leaders, both look forward to building an inclusive and diverse community centered around VOTO and social good. Join the movement 🚀

Check out our campaign here.

Centre for Sexuality

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Colouring it Forward

Pack4Good 7 Canopy Partnership

XhAle Brew Co. is committed to sustainability in our uses of all forest-based products, alongside our commitment to creating sustainable & thriving communities.

For this reason, XhAle Brew Co. is committed to protecting the world’s forests through our approach to procurement of pulp, paper and packaging.

It is our mission to adopt better practices within our business and also change craft brewing sustainability industry standards.

No Small Change Grant

XhAle Brew Co. is a female and queer-owned and operated craft brewing company. We make provocative beer for conscious thinkers and drinkers. Our suds are as conversation-worthy equally as what is in the can and on the outside of the can.


We create and hold spaces for those who have traditionally not had space held for them.


The company currently runs on sweat equity with an aim to be a hybrid co-op model that prizes people first in more equitable and democratic structures, and humane and compassionate work environments.

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Calgary Kookaburras

Queen Bee Honey Blond raised awareness for Gems For Gems Canada in 2023, and raised enough money to help support two women needing retraining and re-employment opportunities while recovering from domestic violence. This helps break financial co-dependency and keeps people most vulnerable from going back to harmful situations. 


Tripawd Penelope NEIPA in its second year helped raise more awareness for Parachutes for Pets, and also helped contribute enough money to supply pet food for a family in need for up to 6 months.


Don't Avoid The Void Raspberry Amber NEIPA supported Pause4Change Animal Rescue & Adoption by helping connect people to their small, but mighty organization, and while this is a new addition to our line-up we have been able to donate enough money back to help buy pet food for a month for a rescues taken in by their volunteer fosters.


Through the 3rd edition of our Balls, Boobs and Beer Calendar we raised $1200 to help support Each+Every: Businesses For Harm Reduction in the ongoing work they are doing to create more awareness and policy change to bring greater efforts toward reconciliation, and public health policy around harm and poverty reduction. 

Wonderful businesses run by excellent humans

Annex Ales - proud to have collaborated on past & future beer releases
Rebellion Brewing - proud to have collaborated on past & future beer releases
Stolen Harvest - proud to have collaborated on past & future beer releases
Jane Bond BBQ - Are you kidding me with how good this BBQ is?! 
Freehouse - They're team always come out to model in our fundraising calendar. - Ryan generously donates his top photography talent for the Boobs, Balls and Beers calendar

Dingo Coffee Roasters - Roasts the quality beans you can find in our Mates for Life beer

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